Stairstalk, London, UK

The staircase was designed and constructed as one of the main elements of HIDE, a restaurant located at 85 Piccadilly in London. The staircase design is the work of Atmos, a London-based studio, which worked on it from 2015. The construction and installation were completed in 2017 and early 2018. The staircase spans across 3 floors and is crafted as an organic sculpture with intricate geometry. It has a steel and wooden (oak) structure, finished with oils.

Design – Atmos (Alex Haw, Aditya Bhatt, Matthew Martensen, Natalie Chelliah, Adeline Chum, Justin Jones, Laura Vitzthum, Afsana Begum, Anamaria Popa, Christian Erl, Chrysanthi Bekta, Claudiu Popa)